Sedley Place to create interiors for Atum Cove resort in Egypt

Sedley Place is designing a range of interiors for Atum Cove, a recreational development in Egypt, set in a newly landscaped 120ha space.

Appointed by Cypriot developer Trustwise in September after two rounds of competitive pitching, Sedley Place won the contract on the strength of its branding and interiors experience, according to Mick Nash, Sedley Place managing director.

The consultancy was brought into the project at the same time as architect WATG and brand guardian AVA. ‘It’s heartening for us to be brought in at this stage,’ says Nash. ‘We get a raw sense of brand and identity – normally, we’re brought in at the end on an interiors project.’

Trustwise asked Sedley Place to look at four different types of dwelling: apartments, townhouses, hybrid villas and luxury villas, according to Nash.

Sedley Place responded with a proposal to develop the brand by referencing the locality of the area through its design.

Nash says, ‘We were looking for the interiors to express in some way that the buildings were located in Egypt.’

He adds, ‘Developers often want interiors graded by quality and price, but we decided to grade them by alternative ways of looking at the environment.’ The resort will be sited 32km from Marsa Alam International airport on the Red Sea Riviera. Nash says, ‘It’s a huge open site and there’s everything to do. Our work will manifest itself towards September of next year.’

Trustwise is believed to be reconsidering the project’s timeline, though it declined the chance to comment on how long the project would take and which groups are involved.

Alongside hotels and residential space, Trustwise says a ‘village’ of bars, cafés and sports centres will be built.

A series of 3D visualisations is now being created, which will instruct the direction of the interior.

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