Crabtree Hall cuts Wal-Mart down to size

Rodney Fitch is correct when he says that working on stores the size of Wal-Mart presents a challenge experienced by only a few designers. At Crabtree Hall we’ve been involved with the design of 15,000sqm of retail space in various countries outside the UK for nearly 15 years now. The latest Tesco Extra at Peterborough […]


The BBC is about to unveil its new enhanced TV service to a viewing public which appears to be tired of new channels. See “News Analysis”

LNC sets its sights on a piece of Design in Action

Lloyd Northover Citigate parent company Incepta Group is making a £47.9m bid to acquire Lopex, which owns London consultancy Design in Action. Although the Lopex board is advising its shareholders to take no action for the “unsolicited bid”, national newspapers have reported that Lopex has subsequently been contacted by other media conglomerates, including WPP Group. […]

Nick Dent creates younger bar

Interior designer Nick Dent has created the corporate identity, interiors and a 24sqm mural for a new lounge/bar and restaurant in London’s Shoreditch. Featuring leather sofas, games consoles and listening booths, Jaego has been split into three distinct areas enabling people to drink, chat or eat in their selected environment. “Chilling” areas will allow customers […]


The NikeTown London store was developed with BDP Design, not entirely by Nike’s in-house team (DW 25 June). Contrary reports were due to incorrect information from Nike.


Bars and restaurants designed with a distinctive theme in mind have a unique atmosphere. Bridget Stott soaks it up

UK business needs to appreciate design

It was a canny move by Royal College of Art rector Christopher Frayling to host last week’s Design Focus seminar at the RCA. Coinciding with the college’s design and communications degree show, the event inevitably put civil servants and other people of influence face to face with the graduates’ work, showing the range of areas […]

Ex-Giant partner says Howdy with new group

Former Giant partner Neil Smith has launched a new consultancy following his departure from Marsteller Giant in May. Smith becomes the second of the four Giant founders to go it alone. The start up, called Howdy, was launched with ex-Marsteller Giant design director Sharon Clampin last month, and already has a number of clients on […]


Ware Anthony Rust has created the latest catalogue for office equipment supplier Acco’s range of Rexel products.


Leeds consultancy Elmwood has developed an education pack for primary school children as part of an initiative to plant thousands of trees on land owned by Yorkshire Water. The pack ties in with a website, also developed by Elmwood, for Millennium Project Children’s Forest. The pack features badges, stickers, a folder and a tree poster, […]

New product development is short of imagination

Jane Lewis’s feature Trying times (DW 2 July) outlined the cost in money and effort it takes to get a new product idea accepted for production. My experience, after 30 years of involvement with new product development, is that many people in the manufacturing industry who’s job is to introduce new products, seem remarkably unimaginative. […]

Vitrashop and CIL go to court

Shopfitting group CIL International has issued legal proceedings against Vitrashop Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. Vitrashop launched a system called the Shaker Rail in February, but was asked to stop manufacturing it after allegations that certain elements infringed on CIL’s Cilplan system, already patented in over 35 countries. Although Vitrashop agreed […]

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