The BBC is about to unveil its new enhanced TV service to a viewing public which appears to be tired of new channels. See “News Analysis”

Nick Dent creates younger bar

Interior designer Nick Dent has created the corporate identity, interiors and a 24sqm mural for a new lounge/bar and restaurant in London’s Shoreditch. Featuring leather sofas, games consoles and listening


The NikeTown London store was developed with BDP Design, not entirely by Nike’s in-house team (DW 25 June). Contrary reports were due to incorrect information from Nike.


Bars and restaurants designed with a distinctive theme in mind have a unique atmosphere. Bridget Stott soaks it up

UK business needs to appreciate design

It was a canny move by Royal College of Art rector Christopher Frayling to host last week’s Design Focus seminar at the RCA. Coinciding with the college’s design and communications


Ware Anthony Rust has created the latest catalogue for office equipment supplier Acco’s range of Rexel products.


Leeds consultancy Elmwood has developed an education pack for primary school children as part of an initiative to plant thousands of trees on land owned by Yorkshire Water. The pack

Vitrashop and CIL go to court

Shopfitting group CIL International has issued legal proceedings against Vitrashop Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. Vitrashop launched a system called the Shaker Rail in February, but

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