Ergo gives Floresse new spirit

Branding specialist Ergo has redesigned Roche Consumer Health’s hormonal balance product Floresse. The brand is the second highest selling product of its type, worth £30m annually.

The new design, which will be on-shelf from August, sees the box turned horizontally from its original vertical design. Ergo client services director Ed Hebblethwaite says, “We have taken a new attitude and different focus”, after a series of research groups with women of different ages.

“The brief was to make it more contemporary and cosmopolitan. Therefore, we looked at what the end result of product is, which is that it gives you balance,” explains Hebblethwaite.

Ergo creative partner Simon John adds, “The spirit level device …helps move the brand on from a generic ‘ingredients’ based message to a more motivating user benefit – [hormonal] balance.”

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