Good business demands engineering and branding skills

I was interested in your Comment (DW 2 July). You are absolutely right that design can affect the bottom line of technology companies, but in many different ways.

The iMac has repositioned Apple because the design represents a philosophy and is not just a nice piece of styling. However, a crucial element is not just product packaging, but adding value to existing technologies and, exploiting new ones.

Also think about, say, a mobile phone. You titivate the appearance to make consumers fall in love with it, add value with features and then… battery technology reduces the thing by half and the sexy housebrick is consigned to the bin.

The point is that you cannot do any of these things without a fundamental understanding of technology, which is what engineers are good at. After all, engineering is the appliance of science.

However, the exploitation of technology must go hand in hand with brand development (in sophisticated industries catering for sophisticated societies).

This is why Jones Garrard’s Think brand was created to provide a seamless strategic management, branding, design and technology facility to those companies that understand consumers and wish to meet their needs by innovating aspirational products, often by exploiting technology.

To achieve what businesses need means that demarcation is not a word in our dictionary.

Michael Rodber

Jones Garrard

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