Lighting deserves the spotlight too

I picked up Design Week with the headline Leading Lights, DW survey highlights design’s most creative groups (DW 25 June), and was disappointed to note that there was no mention of lighting design.

The UK is seen as a world leader in this profession, with practices including Lighting Architects Group, Lighting Design Partnership and Maurice Brill, to name but a few.

Lighting design is a rapidly growing profession having an ever greater impact on the visual environment, as well as accounting for increasing levels of fee-income, much generated from international projects. We are under-represented in the design media and there is no doubt that there is much creative work emanating from lighting design groups.

So please consider that the leading lights of British design also includes lighting designers.

Kevan Shaw

Kevan Shaw Lighting Design

Edinburgh EH6 7BW

We will take up the issue – Ed

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