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With a proliferation of design work stemming from Australia at the moment, and this week’s launch of Tourism Australia, what could be done to tap into the market Down Under?

‘Australia changed after the Sydney 2000 Olympics. We’re more engaged with the global community – mostly for the better! – and we more actively seek to bring international influences into our lives. The “inbound” opportunity for this market is lifestyle enhancement and new experiences. The “outbound” opportunity is the export of all goods, services, knowledge and experiences that carry Australia’s optimistic, can-do attitude and innate ability to achieve life balance.’

Tim Riches, Managing director, FutureBrand Australia

‘The best way for international corporations to tap into the Australian market is to establish a local dialogue. Amazing opportunities can result. Australian design across all disciplines has quality and is refreshingly vigorous. We are talented, innovative, work hard, look outward and enjoy global connections. This persona attracts clients from overseas.’

Richard Henderson, Creative director, R-Co, Australia

‘I’m tempted to say move to Australia. The problem is cost (or more precisely currency exchange rates). UK designers are roughly two to three times as expensive as their Australian cousins, which makes it almost impossible for Australian clients to buy UK design – unless you’re offering something that cannot be obtained anywhere else. But then that’s the whole idea of successful design (and design consultancies) isn’t it?’

Richard Watson, Co-founder, Global Innovation Network

‘Besides the obvious “set up an office and tap into the regional opportunities”, hang out in Earls Court, subscribe to TNT, send Rolf Harris back as the British Ambassador for Design, and then give them some real Brit attitude – a 4×4 Bentley pick-up truck, Marmite BBQ marinade, Burberry flip-flops and Tetley Iced Tea.’

Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief executive, Coley Porter Bell

‘Why would UK design consultancies even consider tapping into the Australian market? Think of it like this, the market value here for a latte is $Aus2.50; in the UK it’s £2.50. So to compete here (doing work from the UK) they would pretty soon have to drop their prices by some 60 per cent. I think it would work better the other way around. Watch this space.’

Mark Landini, Creative director, Landini Associates

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