COAST RESTAURANT in London by Marc Newson and DOLPHIN

Oliver Peyton, proprietor of The Atlantic Bar and Grill, is to open his second London restaurant, named Coast, in Mayfair at the end of this month.

Dolphin, formerly known as Farrow and designer of the Atlantic’s identity, has created the restaurant graphics for Coast. Interiors are by the Australian designer Marc Newson, who worked with Paris practice Robert Grace Architecture on the project.

Described by a spokeswoman as ‘a feverishly adventurous new dining experience which looks to the future rather than the past’, Coast will seat 150 people on two floors. The ground floor features a laser-cut oak parquet floor and the basement’s Salon Privé is encased in a glass conservatory. Newson designed the restaurant’s tables and chairs.

Dolphin was briefed to create an identity for Coast which is ‘warmer, more feminine and more contemporary than the one we came up with for Atlantic’, according to Dolphin creative director Phil Sims.

Sims and joint creative director Rob Petrie used a computer facility to randomise colours for Coast’s striped identity – ‘the real ghost-in-the-machine factor’, says Sims. ‘There are colour combinations we would never have dreamed of conventionally.’

The type is italicised and embossed on to menus, calling cards and matchboxes (which are manufactured in Japan, and have four different coloured match heads). ‘We spent two weeks redrawing the type, changing the curvature of the letters,’ Sims adds.

Further applications will come out of the colour palettes created by the computer and refined by Dolphin. Stationery and launch invitations are being produced at the moment, and Newson is designing a vase in different coloured Venetian glass incorporating the colours of the identity.

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