Non-leading brands to up pack spending

Spend on packaging is set to increase as non-leading brands with a low advertising spend compete for shelf space, according to some clients.

“It is one of the least expensive ways of putting life into a product,” says Chris Sebiere, general sales and marketing manager of the Ryvita Co. The company makes the Crackerbread brand which it is planning to relaunch at the end of June, with packaging by The Hill Watson Company.

Packaging of brands which are not market leaders has suffered from a lack of design spend, the need to carry promotions such as garden furniture, and little or no advertising, says Andy Hill, chairman of Hill Watson, which specialises in repackaging secondary and tertiary brands.

Brands are now learning to compete by emphasising their point of difference. “There is now a greater awareness of what can be done structurally to packaging,” says Nestlé UK senior brand manager Simon Lambert.

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