Once again the arc seems to be a popular choice

In response to Roger Felton’s letter (DW 26 May), I had also noticed this trend to put “rings” around company names and logos.

I have personal experience of this myself. I was invited to a paid pitch for the job of redesigning the corporate image of a computer research and consulting company. The pitch was three way, between ourselves, another external company, and the client’s in-house studio. The choice was eventually narrowed down to three logo designs from each company – a total of nine – and the client’s staff were then asked to cast their vote.

This is a sure fire way of guaranteeing that the populist example will win. In this case – you’ve guessed it – the company’s name with a little half circle above the name won. I cautioned the managing director against this but the decision had been taken.

I first saw the logo in use in an ad in the Media Guardian of 22 May and noticed that it was surrounded by 20 other logos with a similar arc around them – two on the same page!

Richard Proctor


Rhodes and Proctor


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