PSD identity secures Radicchio’s position

Surrey design consultancy PSD Associates has created a new identity and communications material for Radicchio, a global initiative promoting security in wireless e-commerce.

Radicchio was founded by wireless e-commerce group Sonera SmartTrust and is based on a Public Key Infrastructure, allowing secure electronic transactions on mobile networks.

Member companies include Orange, Mastercard, Vodafone, Telefonica, Siemens and Ericsson. The redesign begins rolling out next week. It includes new stationery, membership materials, posters, a brochure and an education pack.

PSD associate director Toby Leetham says: “We are keen to take Radicchio in a different direction and one that reflects the pace, energy and technology that the forum represents.”

A Sonera SmartTrust spokesman says: “We aim to help companies across the world understand that the technology exists to make mobile commerce transactions as secure as physical ones.

“We needed to evolve our identity to make a strong impact in the market place for this forum,” he adds.

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