There is more than omissions to worry about in The Top 100

That eagerly awaited time of year has arrived again – The Top 100 Consultancy Survey.

As usual, the survey raises the odd eyebrow or two and sheds yet more light on the profitability of the design industry.

Of particular interest are the consultancies with a high staff count and London overheads that, when matched to their turnover, would indicate that they make very little profit.

As rightly mentioned in the survey, the omissions are interesting.

What is annoying, however, and what contributes just as much to misrepresenting the state of the design industry, are the consultancies that declare their fee-income to be the same as their turnover.

At times, the design industry, rightly or wrongly, does appear to have to fight its corner on a number of issues – but don’t let dishonesty be one of them.

Trevor Flannery, Sales and marketing director, Stocks Taylor Benson, Leicestershire, LE19 4XT

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