Hot shots

Amanda Lake continues her monthly round-up of projects featuring striking photography and illustration

Curtis Holder illustrated the book jacket for The Wishbones, published by Minerva. John Hamilton, then art director of Reed Consumer Books, commissioned Holder for the project because he ‘liked his work, especially his Americanised figures. The jacket needed to be cultist and humorous, which Curtis’s work is. This was his perfect project.’ Curtis Holder: Tel: 0171-254 4413

Gill Orsman’s work was chosen for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show literature, designed by CDT Design. Neil Walker, art director at CDT, chose Orsman because he ‘has long admired her graphic photography and attention to detail. She was the natural choice for the project. I focused on Gill’s abstract images of flowers and plants which had not previously been used. This made me realise we could achieve an image that was striking and unusual, yet remained elegant and timeless.’

Gill Orsman: 0171-378 1867

Colin Gray took the photos for the Department of Trade and Industry’s brochure and poster for an international exhibition entitled UK Style. Ross Hunter, director of Graven Images who designed the work, explains: ‘We knew Colin had worked with X-ray images. He is very good at understanding a brief.’

Colin Gray: Tel: 0141-334 4020

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