Inspired, Nick Vaus – Dew Gibbons

There’s no single thing that inspires me – there are many. Inspiration is all around me, whether printed or three-dimensional, new or old, people or places. When I see that something has been approached differently or that makes me approach things differently, I feel inspired. The key is a connection, whether through beauty, humour or the darn-right quirky. Can you imagine a world without inspirations? Where would we go when we need that spark?

My creative eye is always roaming. Being a sucker for packaging, a simple trip to the supermarket can take hours. The challenge is how to collect all these gems and draw upon them when I need to. With desk space in short supply, the virtual world is my answer. What better way to collate the things that inspire me than through the scrapbook of the 21st century – a blog. An inspirational archive, a creative tonic to share with colleagues and clients. After all, sharing my thoughts and passions is also inspiring.

Feel free to have a look at my daily blog of inspirations, at

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