Determined students can’t be dissuaded from design

As a final-year student specialising in graphic design, I fully understand the hardships of looking for work in such a tough industry.

But Robin Arnold’s negative attitude towards graduates getting design-related jobs shocked both myself and my peers (Letters, DW 18 October). If Arnold was as passionate about design as he made out, why was he dealing with such a struggle?

Now, you may be thinking that I am naive or a bit too optimistic, but I am certain to say that my passion is not just about design, but about making a difference and becoming a part of the design world. This is how I know that I, along with my fellow undergraduates, will beat the said ‘one in 15 chance’ and find jobs tailored to our skills.

Good luck in your quest for work Arnold, but make sure you are employed by June 2002. That is when we, and similarly hungry students are unleashed.

Alex Parrott

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