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A series of touring exhibitions promoting British design abroad kicks off next month in the Far East and Africa (DW 1 November) and in German markets next week (DW 25 October). What aspect of British design would you export, and why?

‘Why don’t we export a willingness to encourage other countries to develop their own designers? It’s kind of obscene to take work from other designers, without any attachment to the country, just to get more money.’

Quentin Newark, Creative director, Atelier Works

‘The strength of British creativity is based on our sensitivity and wit. British creatives are often given, and are keen to use, a great deal of freedom within their work.’

Gary Lockton, Chief executive, North Creative

‘We possess some of the most talented and incisive designers in the world. We attract talents from many countries and adopt the variety of their origins. And yet beyond Europe this is generally unknown. Produce a film that places the industry in context, takes a broader historical view and contextualises design output across all the disciplines and skills with which we work.’

David Chaloner, Creative director, Conran Design


‘In a word, the answer is depth. So no particular aspect, but the ability to answer any challenge appropriately.’

Mark Pearce, Executive creative director and

founding partner, Springpoint

‘What purpose do these exhibitions serve apart from to justify the organisation? British industry does not appreciate or understand the true value of design. I would export the organisations that promote British design abroad, so that we can promote its worth back to UK industry.’

Nick Crosbie, Founder, Inflate

‘We have the ability to converse in a commercially effective and artistically appealing manner. At its best, British design is about problem solving. It is inquisitive by nature, mixing common sense, intelligence, honesty and creative flair. An ideal export across any discipline.’

Alastair Whiteley, Creative director, The Core

‘Brand irony, put it in a bag, include a set of instructions and export it. Of course, the irony of the irony is that they might use it.’

Marksteen Adamson, International creative director,


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