Convergence could make or break the design profession

I just read your piece about the Dott 07 Urban Farming Project, which I produced (Comment, DW 25 October).

As you point out, there is a convergence going on just now and disciplines are breaking down. It’s everywhere.

Fashion designers like Wayne Hemingway are becoming architects. Window dressers like Thomas Heatherwick are becoming product designers. TV presenters like Kevin McCloud are becoming house-builders. And I’m a television producer who works in both the media, urban regeneration and sustainable design.

Is it because politics has singularly failed the people that designers are being called upon to act as ‘the people’s champion’? Or is it because we live in a service age that people from all corners of the profession can legitimately call themselves designers of ‘cultural product’?

It would be great if this could be explored further in Design Week, as it scuppers cosy, conventional ideas of design. Indeed, it could be either the making or breaking of the profession.

David Barrie, by e-mail

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