CBI needs to reach out to all sections of society

I was surprised to read the Confederation of British Industry reporting that the Small Business Service is not meeting some of its objectives (DW 25 August).

WPB Creative works closely with Business Link for London, which is managed by the SBS, in helping it communicate with small- and medium-sized businesses, including black and minority ethnic groups.

Part of our work has included creating the graphics for Start it Up!, a roadshow that tours London, encouraging the public to recognise the opportunities their ideas can generate, with the support of Business Link for London and other services.

The roadshow avoided business jargon, was eye-catching and distinctive, and used waves of circles to illustrate the impact of new ideas – when I visited Stratford in East London, it was certainly attracting interest.

If an entrepreneurial spirit is to truly flourish, ideas must be nurtured by all UK communities.

Ryan Sales, Creative director, WPB Creative, London EC2A

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