Expedia flies sky-high with Lambie Nairn

On-line travel brand Expedia has launched a revamped brand identity designed by Lambie Nairn, in a bid to strengthen its presence within the UK market.

The work, which features the tag line ‘Let yourself go’ and a visual device of a blue sky with a single white cloud, launched across TV and print advertising and the company’s website, www.expedia.co.uk. The marque, which is handed down from the company’s US parent, remains unchanged.

According to Lambie Nairn chief executive Nick Hough, the consultancy was briefed to create a ‘brand property’ to sit alongside the US logo. ‘[Expedia] was looking for something for use in the local UK market that can deliver brand recognition, with or without the logo,’ he says.

The work also aims to give the brand a more emotionally-led positioning. Expedia marketing director Elyas Chowdhury says the work aims to ‘capture the essence of a holiday and prompt consumers to bring to life their travel dreams’.

Hough says the visual treatment achieves this by reflecting the ideal holiday sky – bright blue and cloudless – and the tag line encapsulates the ‘sense of freedom you get on holiday’. ‘The strategy behind the work is all about bringing out the enjoyable emotions you experience when you go on holiday,’ he says.

Lambie Nairn also created the art directional style behind three print advertisements, creative concepts for the website and designed the interim television commercial that introduces the new identity to consumers.

The consultancy was appointed without a pitch in February this year, following a presentation to the client. The group’s executive creative director Gary Holt was creative lead on the project and Lambie Nairn will now continue to work with Expedia as its brand guardian, says Hough.

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