I walked out of the Royal College of Art summer show inspired by what I’d seen and by the delight of recognising that education and practice are synchronised when it comes to interaction design.

The bar is being set high on the relevance of interactive design, with students on the RCA’s course, among others, like the commercial design community, pushing the agenda.

Take the Shadow Monsters interactive piece by RCA graduate Philip Worthington. His bid to attach personality to a shadow on a screen according to the way people move their hands is a fantastic piece of lateral thinking. It is compellingly memorable.

At Imagination we cross disciplines constantly to make ideas and communications come to life in a clear, fun and impactful way, and we aim to attribute emotions to the outcome. Increasingly, interactive/ responsive content design provides a point of difference that challenges convention in our brand experience work.

The cross-disciplined approach is, in itself, an inspiration, with multimedia designers, film-makers, graphic and environmental designers and storylines all contributing to produce great ideas that communicate to live audiences in a simple, but memorable way. Such memorable experiences influence behaviour more effectively than conventional communication. It’s great to see education pushing the agendas as hard as the creative industry.

Sally Crabb


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