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Having carefully read through the Global Design Groups section of the 1998 Consultancy Survey (DW 27 March), I am unable to ascertain the exact criteria used in the table entitled Top 20 Global Design Groups on page 67. KSDP Design Group had a worldwide fee-income of 4.88m last year, as detailed on our survey form. I would have expected our ranking to be at position 10 on this table. Am I misunderstanding the definition of fee-income as UK fee-income only or is it merely an oversight?

We firmly believe that this survey is often referred to by major multinational companies and therefore carries the weight that could determine whether our company would be considered for potential projects or not. It is therefore crucial for us as a group in its infancy of global expansion to be recognised in your Top 20 Global Design Groups if we do indeed qualify.

Ian Bloxam

Group operations director

KSDP Design Group

South Africa

The global groups ranking we published includes only consultancies featuring in the Top 100. Had we included overseas income for all survey entrants KSDP would have ranked 11th (see top table). For your interest, the table below shows how groups are ranked with UK and overseas fees combined – Ed

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