Russian retailer appoints Rodney Fitch

Dial, Russia’s leading electrical retail group, has appointed Rodney Fitch to create a new store format and brand identity, after long-term research of the international design community and a three-way UK-based pitch.

The retail group has carried out in-depth exploration of retail design in the UK, the US, Japan and mainland Europe. Marketing director Yuri Noshenko says the UK’s retailing methods and customer base are most closely in tune with the Russian market, and further UK design groups are likely to be used in the future.

Dial currently has 16 stores, which average a large 2000m2, and employs 2000 staff. It has its own distribution and delivery network, and sells branded electronic consumer durables. Stores are high-street based, as the region has no tradition of out-of-town shopping. Consumers in the former Soviet Union are extremely brand driven, and cautious of unknown or low-price brands, says Noshenko.

The chain plans to open a further 50 stores by 2000. “Rodney Fitch will be responsible for developing a concept for Dial, and responsible for implementing it into several stores,” says Noshenko. When satisfactorily developed the format is likely to be rolled out quickly.

In the longer term a further three retail sub-brands are to be developed as stablemates for the main Dial stores. Specialist Dial stores for telecommunications, computers and electronic car accessories will join the main family-themed Dial outlets.

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