Wolff quits INS for new venture

Michael Wolff has resigned as non-executive director of Interbrand Newell and Sorrell to become a founding partner in a new venture, The Fourth Room.

The Fourth Room was set up as a think-tank by ex-Newell and Sorrell director of strategy Piers Schmidt and finance director Russell Lloyd. Research specialist Wendy Gordon is the group’s fourth founding partner.

Schmidt insists The Fourth Room is “not a design company”, but cannot yet give details.

Wolff is “fully committed” to the concept. “It’s wonderful,” he says, “we are four people who each have a lot of qualities none of the others have.”

The west London group is recruiting “as many good people as we can find”, says Schmidt.

Wolff held an unpaid position at N&S and did not benefit financially from the buyout by Interbrand. He has no formal role with INS, but retains his long-standing relationship with John Sorrell and Frances Newell.

Schmidt and Lloyd left N&S at the end of last year as the merger with Interbrand UK kicked in.

Wolff will still work through his own company Newhouse Associates as a consultant to WH Smith.

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