Ah, those were the days – cold hands and sticky footwear

What a brilliant article by Michael Peters (A lost world, DW 26 March).

I started out in graphic design in the early 1970s during the three-day week – no rubbish collection, fewer jobs – and carried on through the excesses of the 1980s and 1990s.

Somewhere along the line, I worked in a cow shed where we defrosted our hands in the morning in front of a Super Ser.

When the type came back from the typesetters, we had to be careful and ingenious with the scalpel; once, two of us spent 20 minutes on our hands and knees, searching for a missing 9pt lower case ‘e’ – which was found sticking to the sole of my shoe.

And the number of capital letter ‘R’s concocted out of three or four other Letraset letters – well, I can’t count them.

I still maintain that I went into the business because of the cow gum. And the pleasure of working with great people, in a great line of work.

Anne Greer, by e-mail

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