Dixon’s arguments merely reinforce a stereotype

I applaud Tom Dixon’s call for design to play a bigger role in management decision-making (DW 2 December). But why does he succumb to the hubris that has undermined so many design-led assaults on the boardroom? Every business decision isn’t a design decision, and most senior executives will see it for the aggrandising puff it is and so confirm their prejudice that designers think they rule the world, but lack business understanding.

Re-structuring your pricing is not a design decision, and neither is re-examining the company’s capital structure, recruiting a new chief information officer, selling an underperforming unit, nor taking a stand on discrimination.

Granted, all may have design implications somewhere along the line, but that is a very different argument. I think it would be more helpful in claiming design’s place at the top table to turn Dixon’s missive on its head and never forget that: ‘Every design decision is a business decision’.

David Rivett


Actionable Advice

London NW8

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