9 February 1995

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`Aliens took my genitalia’, says artist Juliet Gatto via this creation of papier-mâch and wire. Why is it marauding aliens are always so interested in genitalia?

Study details London Millennium projects

Details are emerging of Millennium projects in London after the publication last week of The London Millennium Study. More than 100 projects are listed in the report (DW 3 February). London’s Hackney Empire theatre is one of the host of smaller Millennium projects to have already worked on their plans with designers and architects. The […]

Creation moves on Kiev market

Creation Design and Architecture has been appointed to create concepts for a 16-storey building in the Ukraine. – The consultancy has been commissioned by US developer Tracey Equities, which is planning to develop the Kiev building into offices and apartm

BDI trip `a success’

The British Design Initiative says its visit to Finland was a `huge success’ for the dozen UK consultancies involved in the export drive. The BDI is planning a similar trade mission to Sweden later this year. Sixty potential Finnish clients attended the two-day event, which was backed by the Department of Trade and Industry. A […]

If you can’t beat them, join them

For those who are firmly of the opinion that big is beautiful, a merger could be one solution to the dilemma of business expansion. Bhavna Mistry reports on one success story


Monday 13 March – Showcase of new and newish products from design-led furniture manufacturers, largely for the contract market.

Drawing a fine line between art and design

Last week Royal College of Art professor Daniel Weil expressed his aim to “elevate design as an art for the twentieth century”. If we can view those workaday crafts such as photography and illustration as art – and therefore as part of our cultural wealth – then why not design, is Weil’s sentiment. Why not […]

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RSCG Conran Design has been appointed to design a 24- page colour brochure for the British Nuclear Industry Forum, due out in April. The Jenkins Group has designed new packaging for the relaunch of Findus French Bread Pizzas, including two new burger flavour pizzas. The Green House is designing packaging for premium food brand Richly’s […]

Putsching UK products

James Dyson’s new vacuum cleaner is one of that rare breed, a product researched and manufactured in the UK. Its successful reception raises interesting questions about the problems faced by product designers in Britain, believes Gaynor Williams

What did you do during the war?

Designing a wartime garden as part of the Imperial War Museum’s VE/VJ Day celebrations has stirred up a few childhood memories for Sir Terence Conran. During the Second World War he was just plain Terence, cowering under a dining-room table, sirens shrieking and tangible fear in the air. A long way from Habitat, Quags or […]

Blee’s Farr Runners

Karen Blee’s innovative, contemporary designs of traditional, hand-woven limited edition rugs for Christopher Farr’s Spring Collection. Until 31st March. Venue: Christopher Farr, 115 Regents Park Road, London NW1. Details: 0171-916 7690.

Posters from Poland

Monday 13 February – Strong and concise graphic images from Polish artist Lex Drewinski. Until 31 March. – Venue: Pentagram Gallery, – 11 Needham Road, London W11.

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