Freelances have less to offer than loyal full-timers

What more depressing a way to start a Monday than to see the merits of being a freelance designer splashed across Design Week, for all our loyal and talented full-time staff to see (DW 26 January).

Trying to run and build an independent design group, with a unique culture that clients can depend on, has never been harder. Good talent is rare, but, without an industry of individuals with an appetite to sign up, be part of something and make a mark it’s hard to see where our future lies.

Talented freelances can be great, but are limited in terms of what they bring: they don’t mentor junior staff, build client relationships, take on management responsibilities, stimulate team spirit or care that the milk’s gone off. And without exposure to the real life running of projects from budgets to sticky client contact, they are unlikely to develop on the same trajectory as a full-time designer.

It would have been good to see the full-time fraternity supported by the article… I’m just off to buy some milk.

Penny Baxter, Director, Salterbaxter, London W8

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