AD/BC wires crossed

Designers face the unhappy prospect of losing some juicy millennium projects following the release of the latest theories by Christian academics. According to Professor Marcus Borg of Oregon State University, the millennium should have been celebrated on 1 January 1996. Problems are thought to have arisen in 664, when Monk Dionysus Exiguus divided calendars incorrectly between BC and AD. For Jesus to have lived during the reign of King Herod as generally accepted he would have been born in 4BC or earlier, meaning that the modern world is, in fact, four years slow. Panic has already started within the industry as rumours spread that celebrations scheduled for 2000 are to be cancelled as irrelevant. The fate of millennium projects already underway is unclear, although design’s industry bodies are expected to petition for continued funding on the grounds that religion should not get in the way of a good party.

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