Mall chain sold on Pyott branding

Pyott has created the brand name for a chain of pan-European luxury shopping malls, after winning a £90 000 share of a £1m-plus ‘brand experience’ commission.

Pyott will create the brand identity, landscaping and interiors, plus onand off-line communications programmes for the launch of the malls, which will house luxury retailers. It has already decided on the brand name OV, to be accompanied by the location of each outlet (for example, OV Milan).

The retail concept is the brainchild of ING Real Estate, which will roll out its first venue late this year in northern Italy.

The consultancy was appointed directly, in conjunction with architectural multimedia company Nicron Productions, a sound-and-lighting specialist with which Pyott collaborated on the Herron City leisure concepts. Together the pair will develop environmental brand applications, including street furniture, sculpture and signage, in an effort to create a totally branded environment.

While Pyott is not leading the structural design of the concept, it will have input in the choice of details such as colour schemes, styling of materials and even plants.

Managing director James Pyott says the main challenge of the project will be to appeal initially to retailers and eventually to consumers. ‘Attention to detail and a quality message are crucial to ensure that the luxury retailers see this as the right environment for their brand,’ he says, adding that the brand must also ‘excite and delight an extremely sophisticated audience’.

Pyott intends to complete the initial design elements of the malls, plus identity creatives, by late spring. After that point its role is likely to become more consultative, as architects align the designs with local planning regulations.

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