Slow predictions filter through over a mug of coffee

Here we all are in another year. We hope the balls-up with Big Ben’s bongs didn’t affect your festivities. So, what happens next? Well, see page 6 for our in-depth report on designers’ predictions for 2003. But if New Year has got you fretting about the sands of time take a leaf from Big Active creative director Gez Saint’s book (caricature by David Foldvari pictured).

Asked what trends he thought would be affecting designers’ working practices this year, Saint mused, ‘Hopefully, the wheel will slow down so that we can all take the time to really see what’s going on – creativity needs to take on board some of the principles of Italy’s Slow City Movement’.

Good to see him raising the intellectual tone, though it also sounds like a recipe for sipping cappuccino and listening to Marvin Gaye records.

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