The truth behind being a creative market raider

Regarding your Reports confirm market raiding trend by groups news story (DW 28 November 2002), Anderson Norton Design has indeed grown and increased market share over the past year.

The inference, however, that lean pricing is offered at the expense of creativity is misguided.

It is the hand-in-glove relationship between our business and creative heads that has stood us in particularly good stead for the recent downturn.

Liberated from the number-crunching side of the business, David Norton and his colleagues are free to respond to the needs of clients. That they have managed to secure work over our competitors while delivering award-winning design is entirely to their credit.

Ultimately, they believe creativity is everything in design, and our portfolio shows this, but the nature of commercial design means it needs to be grounded in reality.

Nothing, though, is at the expense of creativity.

Justin Anderson

Managing director

Anderson Norton Design

London EC1

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