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As he moves from the industry-facing British Design & Art Direction, what does David Kester need to do to give the Design Council greater relevance with a broader public?

‘Kester has taken on a very exciting and challenging role at the Design Council. My advice is to first, reconnect the design industry with the work of the Design Council. Second, demonstrate (rather than simply say) that design brings value; and these examples will be found within the design industry. Third, provide the Design Council with the vision that will ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction. Fourth, provide Government with evidence by which it can believe in the strategic value of design to enhance life today and help shape life in the future.’

Raymond Turner, Director, Raymond Turner Associates

‘The “broader public’s” perception of design exists somewhere between the more inaccessible BBC2 arts programmes and the embarrassing Changing Rooms. The Design Council should visibly reject such triviality. It should tell the world in the simplest terms, “this is what real design does and look, this is what’s in it for you”.’

Steve Collis, Chief executive, JHP

‘Outgoing chief executive Andrew Summers has created an organisation with renowned self belief and confidence, brimming with stars. Kester will bring sparkle and panache to the Design Council. His style, I hope, will resonate around the organisation, allowing its stars to sparkle. I would also like to see the Design Council brand itself, build on its confidence and act in a slightly more flamboyant and loud, proud way, without of course, losing its hard-earned integrity. This would be great for design and for British industry. The future in Kester’s hands looks exciting.’

Jonathan Sands, Chairman, Elmwood and former chairman of the Design Business Association

‘We are very pleased David Kester will be joining us. The Design Council has convincingly demonstrated the need for well-designed public services. We can now build on this and make sure that Government pledges are not just feel-good sound bites, but are acted upon to have a real and lasting impact.’

Valerian Freyberg, Design Council board member and co-chair of Associated Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation

‘Sack the chairman and employ some aesthetes. I mean it.’

Stephen Bayley, Managing director, Stephen Bayley & Co

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