Unreal brands London arts event

Unreal has created the brand identity for a new festival scheduled to take place in Trafalgar Square this August, as part of The Summer in the Square initiative.

Unreal was appointed to the project last month and is on the design roster of the Greater London Authority.

According to Brian Eagle, creative director at Unreal, the consultancy has been tasked with designing a series of promotional materials, such as posters, flyers and advertisements, to highlight the event. Illustrator David Bray has also been working on the project.

‘The event will be really stimulating – it’s all very exciting. The artwork is stunning,’ explains Eagle.

The Trafalgar Square Festival is a three-week arts event run by the GLA that will feature a programme of scheduled performances such as live art, installations and theatre.

The festival theme will be based on ‘City Rites’ and will explore London’s energy, diversity, aspirations, challenges and dreams, according to a GLA spokeswoman.

The Trafalgar Square festival is a ‘more coherently focused format’ than the GLA’s previous summer events, the long-running Summer in the Square arts programme.

‘The programme will create a series of rituals for Trafalgar Square, making the fullest possible use of the space, expressing the diversity of the city,’ the spokeswoman for GLA adds.

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