…as Bostock and Pollitt sets the record straight…

The anticipation had been building and the day duly arrived when Design Week’s Top 100 Consultancy Survey 2011 arrived at our consultancy. A quick flick-through, followed by a thorough review, revealed we were nowhere to be seen in the rankings.

A brief investigation uncovered that through no fault of ours nor, I stress, Design Week’s we had been omitted.

In case there are clients, suppliers and staff out there feeling bemused, let me reassure them that we are still here, still healthy and showing strong growth. Our audited fee-income for the year in question (2010) was £2.766m, which would have put us at 49th in the Top 100 league table had our form been received.

Here’s hoping for a calmer review of next year’s league table.

David Chapple, Chief executive, Bostock and Pollitt, London WC2

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