Sallyanne Theodosiou – University for the Creative Arts

I feel that I’m privileged to be in the profession of teaching undergraduates.

We teach graphic design, but our students, especially the highly motivated ones, who provide a plethora of ideas for any given brief, also teach us. They spend time researching and investigating unusual sources of inspiration to help them create work. They take risks, move outside their comfort zones and immerse themselves in the challenge to become good creatives. When I ask for a design solution, I get 100 diverse ideas coming back at me.

Part of my role is to link teaching and learning with the creative industry, introducing students to the very different dynamics of applying their talents beyond our ’hallowed halls’. The people who work in the creative industry are incredibly supportive of education and will give up their time to talk to students on every aspect of their work, to guide, motivate and encourage them. When I listen to those conversations I am not sure who gets the most from the experience the student or me.

What inspires me from day to day is contributing to the development of these emerging creatives and observing how they change.

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