‘Just right’ level of femininity sought for Tesco’s Libbi range


We Are Him & Her has redesigned Tesco’s feminine hygiene range Libbi, applying what it calls a ’contemporary and efficacious’ design as an alternative to the floral imagery common in the sector.

The consultancy, which joined the Tesco design roster last year, was approached directly for this project and asked to redesign the whole category, consisting of 31 products.

We Are Him & Her creative partner Ruth Galloway says, ’Feminine care is currently ruled by the same brand leaders and there is a lot of generic imagery. We wanted to make it more future-facing, contemporary and premium, but in a way that people would feel comfortable putting it on a shelf or in their handbag.’

The range has also been renamed Libbi, uniting two product types previously branded as Tesco’s own products.

’We did a round of naming exercises to find something that would communicate femininity without being polarising it couldn’t be patronising, or overtly feminine, or aiming too much at one age group,’ says Galloway.

’So much is already registered within feminine healthcare, but this wasn’t. It’s memorable, and the letters also have a nice form.’

An existing purple colour palette has been extended with pink and white highlights and a patterned graphic system has been introduced to help customers navigate the range.

Libbi rolls out in Tesco stores nationwide from the middle of the month.

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