One hundred reasons why print won’t die…

I am a graduate graphic designer who feels compelled to write in to say how incredibly impressed I am with the Top 100 Consultancy Survey 2011 supplement (DW 26 May). I have never written in before, but it just had to be done on this occasion.

I do hope the team who put this together get the recognition they deserve from the industry, as I have not seen anything as good as this in print for some time.
I occasionally buy Design Week because I think the special supplements you produce every once in a while are always brilliant. Yet when I picked up Design Week today and clapped eyes on the supplement I was speechless. I was just completely blown away with the the cover and layout.

The paper on the cover is extraordinary. It feels almost rubbery. The graphics on the cover are brilliant and are so eye-catching against the black cover and I really like the use of spot UV. The pages are beautifully and thoughtfully designed, with some stunning infographics, charts, tables and vectors to display the information. The colours are vivid, contemporary and fresh, and do an excellent job in separating the data according to various categories and disciplines.

Anyone who says print is dead is a moron. I understand the world is digital and we all need to embrace digital as a powerful medium, but for me print is the reason I studied graphic design. Flicking through this supplement felt like a luxury the smell, the weight, the texture of the paper, the cool poster inside.
Print will never die for this reason. That is something digital can never replicate.

David Klotz, Graphic designer, by e-mail

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