It has to be Ebay. It’s not strictly a retailer, but you can buy stuff so it counts. Being a bit of a lover of junk shops, flea markets and salvage yards I find myself browsing daily. While most people are out enjoying a sandwich in the park or throwing a frisbee, I’m glued to a screen in a darkened room frantically attempting to outbid Glaswegian 99 for the vintage fruit crate that’s essential to my wellbeing. It’s like a car boot sale without rain, dog poo and musty smells. Actually, maybe I need to open a window…
Wes Anson, Creative partner, D Studio

I love the App Store on my iPhone full of pleasant surprises and so seamless.

For the geek in me it’s got to be the online Apple Store clean, efficient, but surprisingly, if it’s not a Mac, their range really lets them down. Johnlewis.com should be great, but it’s often quicker to shop at the store. My favourite (and has been for some time) is Screwfix.com. Not the prettiest site, but for the convenience, range and service it delivers. It could be a ton of timber or a bag of screws, it’ll be at your door the next day. Brilliant.
Peter Dobie, Executive creative director, Design House

Without a doubt it’s Ebay. I’m not a fan of online shopping in general I enjoy seeing what I’m buying, sizing things up, looking, touching, smelling. All that goes out of the window with Ebay. I love the serendipity ’I didn’t know it existed… I didn’t know I wanted it…; I must have it… now.’ And I like setting my top price then walking away if the price goes higher ’I didn’t want that anyway’. I’ve furnished a flat, replenished my wardrobe, redone my bathroom, found special presents. I’m hooked.
Keren House, Creative director, Aricot Vert Supply.com.

Svpply.com. Ultimately, this isn’t really an online retailer it’s a hand-selected/social/ shopping site that doubles up as a visual resource for inspiration and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s used for bookmarking and catalogueing your superlative wish list and allows you to follow other users who know better than you (those who spend more time browsing through the mighty accumulation of amazing stuff you can buy online). You can follow friends, strangers, fashion and retail extraordinaries and keep track of trending products/fads (and, more importantly, find the things you never realised that you desperately need to fulfill your life).
Stina Smith, Art director and designer, Harriman Steel

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