Hodges takes on Dome problems

Hodges Associates has been appointed by The New Millennium Experience Company to redesign elements of five Millennium Dome zones in collaboration with zone sponsors.

An NMEC spokeswoman confirms the appointment, but denies it is in response to demands for more design input from sponsors. “This is more about the maintenance of high standards than a response to criticism,” she says. “The exhibition designer, which worked on the Home Planet Zone, was asked by the NMEC and sponsors to design a series of adjustments to parts of the Work, Money, and Learning Zones, originally created by Work, Self-Portrait by Cabiner International, and the Shared Ground area.

“We have been asked to go in and look at some of the areas which require remedial work [specifically] areas where extra design work will help the public to think quicker and get the point,” says Hodges Associates creative director James Hodges.

The short-term appointment is a quick “in and out job” for each zone. “There are a few months of the year which are paramount to the sponsors,” he says.

The Work, Self-Portrait and Learning Zones have been fine tuned. The group is now working on the Shared Ground Zone before moving to the Money Zone.

“The work is being led editorially by the NMEC, in conjunction with the sponsors,” says Hodges. The biggest changes are being made to the Learning Zone, which is being completely reworked. “We have exaggerated the scale of the Learning Zone to make it more obvious what the space is all about,” he says.

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