Christian Aid revived by Johnson Banks

International development charity Christian Aid this week launches a radically overhauled visual identity, as it seeks to invigorate interest in the organisation. The identity and design guidelines have been developed

World class

Liz Farrelly profiles the itinerant illustrators who have developed their own inimitable styles through exposure to a variety of different cultures – this cosmopolitan approach is winning them commissions from

News in Pictures

Apple Computer has unveiled its latest strike to the music entertainment market, with the launch of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system. The all-in-one unit is designed to operate as a


I would secretly sit, eight years old, in the TV room of my family’s house in New Jersey and watch 1930s-era Universal Pictures horror films on WPIX. Dracula, Wolf Man

Spring Forward

Palm Springs’s architectural past is being propagated by a new generation of designers, making it the perfect host for the annual Modernism show, held last month. Yolanda Zappaterra looks at

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