Investing in people is the key to growth in design business

I wholeheartedly agree with Mark Gandy’s article ‘Put staff on the career ladder’ (DW 2 March). Investing in people is an important part of the long-term growth and development strategy in any service industry sector, and is absolutely essential in design. Your staff create your product and your differential. Ownership is always a great incentive […]

Non-executive directors are worth their weight in gold

I read Jim Davies’s piece on the value of a non-executive director with interest (DW 16 February). Navyblue invested in two non-executive directors in our tenth year – one based in Edinburgh with my partner and one working as a mentor alongside me in London. All the things quoted by Davies are relevant – the […]

Christian Aid revived by Johnson Banks

International development charity Christian Aid this week launches a radically overhauled visual identity, as it seeks to invigorate interest in the organisation. The identity and design guidelines have been developed by Johnson Banks in a project worth £80 000 to the consultancy. The work was undertaken in collaboration with Christian Aid head of design Frances […]

World class

Liz Farrelly profiles the itinerant illustrators who have developed their own inimitable styles through exposure to a variety of different cultures – this cosmopolitan approach is winning them commissions from all over the world.

News in Pictures

Apple Computer has unveiled its latest strike to the music entertainment market, with the launch of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system. The all-in-one unit is designed to operate as a home stereo system, docking with the iPod and controlled by the Apple Remote

Blue Sky copywriting is lacking in imagination

I’m afraid that I, too, have to admit to being slightly bemused by the phrase ‘Is it chilli in hear’, in the Coley Porter Bell Blue Sky designs. Was the idea just to use homophones in the text, wherever possible? If so, to what effect? I can see that, maybe, the word ‘chilli’ would suggest […]


I would secretly sit, eight years old, in the TV room of my family’s house in New Jersey and watch 1930s-era Universal Pictures horror films on WPIX. Dracula, Wolf Man and The Invisible Man would keep me up to the wee hours. But no film captured my imagination more than Frankenstein. Everything about it was […]

Jasper Morrison designs new kitchenware for Alessi

Jasper Morrison has designed the debut collection for A di Alessi, one of two new Alessi sub brands being launched by the Italian-based manufacturer, as it seeks to boost sales and target more specific groups of consumers. The Alessi collection has reclassified its product range into three separate trademarks which now includes: Officina Alessi, comprising […]

Spring Forward

Palm Springs’s architectural past is being propagated by a new generation of designers, making it the perfect host for the annual Modernism show, held last month. Yolanda Zappaterra looks at what the future holds The organisers of the Milan and Cologne fairs may not be quaking in their well-heeled boots just yet, but they might […]

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