Identica figures in Johnnie Walker job

World-famous whisky icon Johnnie Walker is being updated. The 176-year-old “old man” is now a “new man”, according to Michael Peters, whose consultancy The Identica Partnership has redesigned the figure.

Brand owner United Distillers brought in The Identica Partnership two years ago to start researching globally the image the figure conjures up in the minds of whisky drinkers and potential drinkers from Tokyo to Sydney.

The results describe a character you would not really like to share a dram with, says Peters. “He was seen as very rakish, snobby, English and unapproachable. It was against everything Johnnie Walker is trying to be.”

The evolution sees the famous monocle disappear. New packaging is being designed by The Identica Partnership and Claessens.

The new identity will also be implemented on advertising, direct marketing and sales promotion, in what Peters terms a “major marketing onslaught”.

“I want people to gasp when they see it,” says Peters.

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