Creative workshops to get designer brains thinking

I share Clive Grinyer’s view on educating the educated (DW 18 April).

On my theatre studies course, I had the opportunity to learn from practising actors by attending a series of workshops as a means to assess the creative process through intellectual response. The same goes for all creative disciplines, the focus should be on our greatest asset, the way in which we think. How we design and how we might do it better should be a question we never stop asking ourselves.

As one of many recent design graduates, I am aware that our education has really just begun, but I feel that we need more support from the industry to help sustain this growing wave of young designers. These workshops aiming to nourish the minds of designers, of all levels, would result in an invaluable period of experimentation and a chance to meet and learn from some of the industry’s finest creative minds.

The idea of mixing disciplines could result in a fresh perspective to conventional ways of thinking. Since we are all inspired by the professionals, it would be refreshing to know we could provisionally work with them. Graduates in particular are looking for another stepping stone.

Is an MA the only route in gaining such experience or should more temporary measures such as these workshops be established?

David Bruno

DB Products

Windsor SL4 4HB

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