Artist sues Pepe UK for ‘recreated’ work

Clothing company Pepe UK and its advertising agency The Leagas Delaney Partnership are being sued for copyright infringement by artist Mark Pawson, who claims they used his design in an advertising campaign.

Pawson created the work entitled Supermarket Sabotage with Psycho-barcodes in 1985 and Pepe’s ad campaign appeared in national magazines last May. It has since formed part of an award-winning pan-European campaign.

He has accused Pepe and Leagas Delaney of reproducing the work without permission while removing his name, address and the date from the front of the piece and “recreating” it on a computer.

A writ was issued in August for infringement of copyright, infringement of Pawson’s right to be identified as the author of the work, and infringement of Pawson’s right not to have his work subjected to derogatory treatment.

“It is highly likely it will be resolved before it goes to court,” claims Pawson.

However, Leagas Delaney chief executive Bruce Haines says: “We proposed a settlement to Mark Pawson some time ago. It was not accepted, therefore the matter is going to court.”

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