Hotel group brands a new Millennium

Singapore group CDL Hotels has launched a new global brand called Millennium Hotels and Resorts with an identity by Lloyd Northover Citigate.

The group currently owns 55 hotels around the world and has also bought Aer Lingus’ share in the European Copthorne chain of 18 hotels.

The Hotel Macklowe in New York has already been rebranded as the Millennium Broadway, with another Millennium hotel due to open in New Zealand this month.

“The new identity, which uses the M shaped symbol, was created to position the Millennium group as a modern, international hotel chain which will compete with the top hotel companies of the world,” says Jim Northover, vice-chairman of LNC.

The Copthorne chain is likely to have the Millennium brand implemented in some way, although this has not been finally decided.

The consultancy is continuing to work with CDL. “We’re looking at sub-brands and the various levels of hotels within the brand,” says Northover.

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