More free-pitching by Whitehall department

The Department for Education and Employment, already at the centre of a free-pitch storm over its own identity, has launched a new nursery education initiative with a logo designed by Bell Design after a five-way free-pitch.

The London consultancy created the identity for the 730m initiative after being approached to take part in the pitch.

The department’s new Nursery Education Vouchers scheme will entitle pre-school children to three terms of nursery education, worth 1100.

The DFEE held the pitch in July. “We submitted visuals, but it wasn’t compulsory to do this,” says Bell account director Kate Sanderson.

The budget for the project was 5000. Bell has designed a leaflet and hopes to work on posters and the actual vouchers.

“The design emphasises the adult/child relationship, both protective and caring, within an educational situation,” according to Sanderson.

The logo was created by senior designer Jo Menhinick. The typeface used in the identity is a modified version of Gill Sans.

The DFEE declines to comment on the circumstances of the pitch or to reveal which other consultancies took part.

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