Sharelink hits the high street

BDG/McColl is working on an interiors concept for Sharelink’s first high street share-dealing shop, intended as a pilot for a 20-branch network.

A Sharelink spokeswoman refuses to confirm site details, saying only that the company is still considering locations in the City of London. But a source says a site near the West End’s Regent Street has been decided on.

“Almost every aspect of our investment centre will be revolutionary, but we won’t be making any details available until next April when the centre is due to open,” says the spokeswoman.

Sharelink was set up in 1987 as the first execution-only share-dealing service, operating via telephone, post and computer links. It acts solely on instructions from the client. It has a database of more than 600 000 clients and no high street presence.

“The branch network will not replace the telephone services we currently offer,” says Sharelink chief executive David Jones.

Graphics for literature and other support material are being designed by Sharelink’s in-house design team.

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