Nesta is recommending that fine artists collaborate with client businesses to stimulate innovation. If you could work with an artist, who would it be and why?

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I think it’s a great idea. I would choose Andy Goldsworthy. Not only does he have a unique approach, but he was also ahead of his time, using only nature to create a powerful visual statement. I would work with him to create the world’s biggest art project, using only nature and natural materials, linking artists around the world. The Global Nature Art Trail would start in London, link up around the world and arrive back in London in time for 2012. Why? Because good art forces us to be more innovative.

Marksteen Adamson, Founding partner, Arthur Steen Horne Adamson

We work with artists and musicians regularly, commissioning original stuff for our clients and for our building. Being in Bristol, we would love to work with Banksy, but he is a little difficult to track down. In his absence, we sent one of our directors on a two-year fully paid sabbatical to Camberwell College of Arts, where he has just finished his MA in Printmaking. He starts work again on Monday with a huge project ready to kick off. We are hoping his input is going to be both stimulating and innovative.

Carol Whitworth, Creative director, This is Home

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