Watch out, geeks are taking control of knowledge

It was refreshing to read the Business Insight article ‘Welcome to a brand new day’ (DW 4 September).

It is a timely snapshot of the convergence of creativity and technology and its power to influence brand communications. As Nick Law and Marc Shillum discuss, the critical aspect for designers is the emphasis placed upon the customer and the engaging interface, and also how the technology and build of a website is essential for creating an effective sales and marketing outcome.

The client is demanding that technology increases its communications role in a converging marketplace mix. The client seeks knowledge and expertise; the designer cannot bluff their way through the science of IT and the Web.

The designer provides the ’emotionalisation’ of the brand experience, but the maxim of ‘form follows function’ should apply. Over the past three years, we have been putting focus on the opportunities to engage with our clients through a synergy of strategy, sales/customer understanding, design, content, compliance, functionality and build. Design is only one component in a complex communication process.

We cannot speak for the creative industry as a whole, but design groups that have not integrated Web technology into their business (not just their offer) will become increasingly irrelevant as the geek assumes control of knowledge. And, as we all know, knowledge is power.

Richard Henderson, Chief executive and creative director, and, Melbourne, Australia

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