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Okay, so what is your answer to that dreaded dinner-party question? As the Design Council goes under the Government microscope, with results of Martin Temple’s review due shortly, Design Week asks designers to define what they do. There’s no one answer to this, it seems. How would you describe it?
Old design hand Ted Leonhardt reports from the US on the challenges to designers in an economic downturn. Having set up in business in 1976 – and subsequently sold his firm – Seattle-based Leonhardt boasts a stint as chief creative officer at Fitch in the US. He is now an independent management consultant.
So what is wrong with design in Birmingham? Lee Hampton, creative director of local consultancy Zulu Creative, shares his view on the blog Z-talk as he makes the case for England’s second city. He cites London as a big problem for Birmingham. Would you agree with that?
Peter Saville fans will argue it was his shirt design that led England to a 4-0 victory over Bulgaria in the Champions League group stage. It’s amazing the difference in play when the boys are kitted out by the design star. Will it work again this week against Switzerland? We’ll know when you read this if England’s positive run continues.

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