This festival is anything but revolutionary

Nobody likes to shoot down good intentions, but I can’t stand by and read about Neville Brody’s Anti Design Festival without thinking how last century the concepts are (News, DW 19 August). If anything shows Brody’s thinking, it’s this enterprise.

The idea of a ’reaction against success culture’ is understandable given the runaway globalisation of prescribed endings, but the methods Brody intends to use to shake us out of the paradigm were brought to us decades ago in art’s revolt against Formalism.

The whole of the 20th century was devotedto breaking classical ideas by such methods. ’Cut up’ is so passe. This highlights the difficulty/ get the establishment to curate a revolutionary event and all they parade is their old thinking.

We need new thought, not aged twaddle like this. Bring on the real revolutionaries.
Graham Weir, Focus Integrated, by e-mail

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