Too many students, and too little creative director input

Last week you asked what can be done to raise the standard of design education in the UK (Voxpop, DW 2 September).

I’d suggest reducing the number of students. When I was at college there were around 30 of us in my year and we had access to our tutors constantly. It simply isn’t possible to teach successfully double, or in some cases triple, that number. The tutors will just be spreading themselves too thinly and the students will suffer. I feel sorry for students who attend a course that is more like an Open University programme.

Sadly, there aren’t enough positions in the industry to employ them anyway.
David Kimpton, Creative director, Kimpton Creative, by e-mail

How can you raise the standard of design education in the UK (Voxpop, DW 2 September)?
Talk to the customer – the creative businesses. Involve them in all aspects of student life – from parties to placements, surgeries, degree shows, projects, mentoring, visits, lectures and so on.
It’s a total mystery to me why course heads don’t woo creative directors – they are their customers, after all.
Julian Grice, by e-mail

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